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At Triple Crown Travel we combine the passion for baseball with the love of travel. Our Tours are planned down to the last detail so that our customers can truly relax and enjoy themselves every minute. Our customers come from all walks of life and from all around the country (and world for that matter). So if you are considering Triple Crown Travel from your baseball vacation, read what some of our previous customers have had to say about our Tours below or click on the button to view our Facebook reviews.
My father and I haven’t taken a vacation together since I was a kid and I thought it would be fun to do a baseball trip. In searching various companies I ultimately chose Triple Crown Travel due to all the positive feedback, the fact the owner himself is from California and goes on the trip himself. The trip exceeded our expectations, you literally just show up on time and he takes care of everything else. The first night we switched hotels my father was afraid we all would have to individually check in, Darren goes in and does it for everyone so you literally get off the bus, he hands you your key card and you go right to your room. With built in time to see each city you always have something to do. Definitely a trip we will never forget. Thanks again!

Thomas from New York

The East Coast tour was outstanding. I loved the ballpark seats, the people on the tour and hosts Darren and Bobby. Everything ran smoothly (even with rain). The hotels we stayed in were excellent. I went on this trip solo, didn’t know anyone, and had a super time meeting new folks. It is so awesome to be with a bus full of folks who are nuts about baseball. While I loved the games, the highlight for me was the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. Indescribable for the true baseball fan. I can hardly wait to go on another tour with this bunch!

Leta from Minnesota

We just returned from a fantastic east coast baseball tour. If you don’t like cruises and love baseball this has got to be tops on your bucket list. Darren and his brother run this tour like a fine tuned machine. All of the logistics from purchasing tickets to hotels to local tourist highlights this experience has it all. One of the nicest unexpected delights of the tour was the friendships made with 32 other couples. Great laughs, good sharing.

Ralph from Texas

I went on the 2016 Northeast tour (Fenway, Cooperstown, Citi Field, Yankee Stadium and Philly-Citizens Bank). I live on the West Coast and had all these parks on my “bucket list”. Darren (our host) has this tour streamlined. We knew where we had to be and at what time. We had ample time to do other things in NYC, which I loved. I am looking forward to the 2017 schedule to come out as I am already planning to do the Midwest tour. Sign up, you’ll be glad you did.

Mark from California

What a great time. I was on the central tour Chicago (both teams), Milwaukee, St. Louis and Kansas City. The trip went off like clock work. Buses were waiting for us prior to our departure times, the hotels were 5 stars and we really bonded as a group. Outstanding planning by Darren & KC. They added a tour of the Negro League Museum and that was very interesting. I will be booking another tour in 2017 for sure. I highly recommending using Triple Crown Travel if you are a true baseball fan.

Rick in New York

Tour was very well run..hotels were excellent….Stadiums beautiful, tour of Camden Yards was very well done…seats were excellent! People on the tour were all very friendly and low key. Darren and Juan were always present to help us out with any issues.

Chris in Florida

My wife and I recently completed the Northeast Toronto Great Lakes Baseball Tour through Triple Crown Travel. This was our first trip using Triple Crown Travel and it exceeded our expectations. If you have a “bucket list” as we have this was the perfect trip. Seeing Fenway Park for the first time as well as the Baseball Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was part of a great trip.

John from Illinois

Just completed the California ballpark tour. This is one of the best trips we have taken. Darren had a wonderful itinerary for the entire week. Besides baseball, the tours were a plus. Roger was a great driver and got the group everywhere on time and safe. Could not have asked for a more perfect trip.

D.C. from Virginia

I agree with all the previous reviews. Was a little leery when we planned this because all the reviews were so good. What were they hiding… Absolutely nothing. Everything was top notch. Accommodations were excellent. Fellow travelers were a lot of fun. Couples, singles, we were “family” by the end. Several trying to get their 30 ball park goals met. A great way to see California coast in a week.

Ellen from Ohio

I just completed the California Five Baseball Stadium Tour–the first time for me with Triple Crown Travel. The tour included visits to all five stadiums in CA, lodging, transportation and premium-level tickets, along with day trips to the Hearst Castle, Huntington Beach and many other areas along the Central CA region.

John from Louisana

We were on the East Coast Swing. Great. Bus, hotels, & tickets were all very good. Great way to see “BIG” cities on the east coast. Let Triple Crown do all the work. Great meeting new folks from all over the country that “live for baseball”.

Paul & Melinda from Nebraska

This trip was EVERYTHING that I had hoped. I was so happy with the ticket locations, the pace of the day, the experience. I can’t wait to do another trip!!

Kathy in Washington

Just wanted to inform you as a baseball zealot how thoroughly pleased I was with your wonderfully packaged West Coast ballpark tour. I actually can tell people it was the vacation of a lifetime and I have had a lot of special vacations. Your tour was so memorable that I will be touting it to family & friends alike. I had a BLAST ! Many thanks!

Victor in New York

Thank you guys this trip was amazing. I’m looking forward to the East Coast tour next year!

Guillermo in Florida

As I continuously posted pics of the trip on my Facebook page, a ton of friends kept texting, emailing, etc. asking how do we do this baseball tour?

Mike from California

Mike and I really enjoyed ourselves on the baseball tour and will recommend your company to all.

Philip from California

Fabian and I had an amazing time! I can’t stop talking about the magical vacation this turned out to be. We enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks again, and there’s already talk between friends and family of attending the East Coast tour next year.

Maria & Fabian – Chicago, IL

Triple Crown Travel touches all the bases in providing its’ participants with a quality Baseball experience. Darren and his staff have a great game plan for making sure everyone who takes the tour has a great time. On our trip alone, he made sure we nearly saw a no hitter at our last game…. what more can a baseball fan ask for?

Lloyd in Georgia

Thank you for a great time and experience! Any baseball lover needs to take this tour.

Gilberto in Florida

We had a great time and will recommend it to any of our baseball friends. You did a great job organizing this tour and it was nice meeting you and your family. We’re glad you could see a game at AT&T Park last night that was almost a “perfect game.” What a thrill for those attending this game with you.

Jan & Mike – California

The tour guides had everything planned out tremendously. Everyone on the trip was really friendly. Everything about this trip was fun. There wasn’t a single thing where I thought ‘wow, this really could have been done better’. I had such a good time that I ponder how I can get a job at Triple Crown Travel. What do you do for a living? I take people to ballparks and talk baseball. That sure beats my job description.

Dan in California

Definitely worth the money. It was great to talk with other fans and enjoyed ALL the games. It was nice having the itinerary just to get moving/planning ahead. Having the time to spend with the other tour attendee’s was a real pleasure. Their perspectives really helped me enjoy this trip. At some points, I even felt like a part of a baseball team with all the constant traveling. Thanks again for re-awakening my love for Baseball!

Kurt – Anaheim, CA

If you love baseball but don’t love figuring out how to get tickets, how to get to the ballpark, where to park, where to stay, etc., then a baseball tour is for you. On my recent trip with Triple Crown Travel, Darren and John took all the hassle and stress out of the equation. Our bus was modern, our driver was very competent and professional, and our drop-off and pick up locations were convenient. Each hotel was clean, comfortable and well-located. The best part of all was being able to see games at 4 different ballparks. We had great seats, usually on the lower level, and we always got there early enough to be able to explore, watch BP, and soak it all in. I highly recommend Triple Crown Travel and look forward to doing another tour with them in the future.

Jody in Washington

“Triple Crown Travel turned a very challenging decision into an easy one. They worked within our budget and a tight schedule to book our package seamlessly. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their travel services and tours to any of my friends, family members, and colleagues.”

Bryson & Andria

“I got the Triple Crown Travel email from my brother and his wife and I sent it on to my daughters. What started out as a ‘we should do this someday’, eventually became a ‘why not? let’s go for it’ I’m sure glad we did!!! We chose the Midwest Tour to see the most stadiums that we’ve never seen before. This was the only way that most of us would ever get the chance to see these ballparks. We just had to find our way to and from and everything in between was expertly handled by Darren and his crew. We didn’t have to worry about reservations, transportation or game tickets (which were all excellent seats). Chicago was an amazing city with lots to see and I’m glad we spent extra time there. I’m so glad we got to see Wrigley Field. All the stadiums and games were awesome!!! Everything ran like clockwork and it was a very enjoyable trip that my daughters and I will cherish for a lifetime. I was disappointed that the hotels in St. Louis and Kansas City charged for wifi (I didn’t think any hotel did) and I wish we had more time to tour Wrigley, but that was out of Darren’s control. I most definitely would love to book another tour in the future. I highly recommend it to any baseball loving fan. This was my “Field(s) of Dreams” tour!!! Thank you Darren!! Hope to see you on another tour.”

Phil J.

“What a great time. I was on the central tour Chicago (both teams), Milwaukee, St. Louis and Kansas City. The trip went off like clock work. Buses were waiting for us prior to our departure times, the hotels were 5 stars and we really bonded as a group. Outstanding planning by Darren & KC. They added a tour of the Negro League Museum and that was very interesting. I will be booking another tour in 2017 for sure. I highly recommending using Triple Crown Travel if you are a true baseball fan.”

Rick L.

“Just returned from the East Coast Tour. Fabulous!! Tour was well planned and organized by people who know what they are doing and really love baseball. Great stops at 4 parks with additional tours of Camden Yard, Fenway Park and Hall of Fame. Seats, hotels and busses were great. Whole experience was very comfortable and made especially so by the owner, Darren, accompanying the tour.”

Jay D.


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