Where do we meet the group at the beginning of the tour?
You will meet your personal Triple Crown Tour hosts on the first day of the tour at our host hotel. We are normally able to secure a reception area, either in the lobby or a restaurant area for an hour long period where you can check in with your hosts, pick up your tickets, and have a chance to meet other guests if you so choose. Normally, this reception/check in period is at the official hotel check-in time of 4:00 PM. We will provide all details of the exact meeting point and time in your Tour Itinerary Packet that will be emailed to you approximately 3-4 weeks before the start of the tour. Although nearly all of our tours start with a night game, some tours do begin with a day game, which pushes up the check-in time to earlier in the day.
What hotels do we stay at as part of the baseball tour?
Nearly all of our hotel stays are with either Marriott, Hyatt, or Hilton branded properties on each of our baseball tours. All three of these hotel brands offer amazing locations, top of the line amenities, comfortable rooms, and the high level of customer service that we strive for here at Triple Crown Travel Baseball Tours. We are proud to offer these first class hotels as part of your tour package and truly feel that our hotels are what sets us apart from other baseball tour options. All of our hotels are either 3 or 4 star properties, often within walking distance of stadiums. The specific hotels we will be staying at will be posted to the itinerary pages of each tour as soon as they are finalized (usually by Jan./Feb. in early 2020).
What happens if there is a rainout?
In the rare circumstances that a rainout occurs for one of our games on tour, we do have to follow each individual team’s rainout policy. Most of the time we can offer a full refund for the value of your ticket, but each team has slightly different ticket policies for rainouts. These policies can be found on each team’s web site. Although a rainout can occur in the middle of summer, most of the time a shower just passes through, which may cause a slight delay, but hardly ever a full rainout.
Where are your seats located?
We have direct relationships with each team’s ticket managers in order to provide us with the best possible group seats for each game on our tours. Our seats are almost always on the field level, just past the infield cut of the grass.
Why does our baseball tour begin and end in different cities?
We have found that starting our tours in the first city and ending our tour in the last city (as compared to round trip) is the most travel friendly way to go on a baseball tour. This cuts down on charter bus travel time and allows us more time to spend in each city we visit. With the innovations in online booking for airfare, air tickets are now always priced at the one way level, which allows for easy booking for airfare to the first city on our tour and return airfare from our last city. We can also help with airfare bookings at any time. Just let us know the date, approximate time, and home airport location and we can search for the best pricing and availability for you. Shoot us an email or give us a call as we are always happy to help!
Am I responsible for airfare/transportation to get to the starting point of the baseball tour and back home?
Yes, our attendees are responsible for getting to the starting point of each tour and then returning home once our tour is over. Again, we can always help with your travel plans and can always provide airport and transportation information that are closest to our hotels.
How long are the bus rides between the cities?
We take great pride in planning out our tours to minimize bus travel time. Most legs of the trip are two hours or less, usually with only one or two portions closer to four hours (Cooperstown, NY, California Tours from SoCal to NorCal, etc.). On these longer portions, we will always stop for breaks about halfway through!
Is there an age limit for children to take part on a baseball tour?
Although we do not have an official age limit for children, we leave it up to our attendees to be the best judge as to the maturity level of their children. Our baseball tours are an amazing experience to share with younger baseball fans and from our experience we have found that children around 8 years and older are best equipped to fully enjoy our baseball tours. Bus travel time to/from each city average between 2-4 hours and we always strive to be as respectful as possible to all attendees on the tour. Feel free to reach out to us with any further questions!
Is there time to see other sites in the cities that we visit on the baseball tour?
We know the focus is definitely on baseball for these tours, but we also stay at downtown hotels in order for our attendees to experience more of what each city has to offer. Each of our tours also includes additional entertainment options, which are all listed on our detailed itinerary pages.
Is it safe to register and make payments online?
We use an online registration system that specializes in running large group events just like our Triple Crown Travel Baseball Tours. Our registration and payment system is a secure PCI Level 1 compliant system and your personal information is never shared with any outside companies.
What is the best airport to fly into at the beginning of the tour and what airport should we fly out of at the end of the baseball tour?
Feel free to always call or email for more details regarding specific airports to fly in/out of on our tours.

We hope that this information is helpful in giving you peace of mind on booking your Baseball Tour vacation with Triple Crown Travel! If you have further questions that were not answered here, you are always welcome to call us at 877-724-6682 or email us at info@triplecrowntravel.com.


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